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The second volume of the Darth Vader series comics contains issues 7 to 12. This second part of the story was not as good as the first volume at my surprise. The main problem is the Emperor’s “minions” like the twins, the Mon Cala … they turn out to be useless in the story bringing more confusion than developing something. I don’t know whose idea it was to bring them in the story but they add nothing. General Tagge is also not much impressive, he tries to be like Tarkin but fails to. The Inspector Vader is assigned too, is not that much of an interest. That’s really the problem here, it’s that the characters apart from Vader are not well-developed nor interesting.

It’s a Vader series but Aphra gets more time in the story than Vader himself which feels weird all the more since she’s not a much well-written character, she is not different from the first book except that now she’s even more manipulative and cruel for no actual reasons. Star Wars has always created strong female characters but has failed with Aphra.

Concerning Vader, he is the real positive side of this comics, we have the Vader from the movies and it feels great! The visuals too are a strong side of the comics, they are impressive, very impressive and realistic.

Going to different places, discovering new worlds and going back to old worlds like Naboo and Mygeeto (even if this one was for a second) is great, it really connects the story the overall saga.

I like the part on Naboo, not much for what happens but mostly for the Commodex, it shows how much people loved Padmé Amidala on Naboo and how loyal they were to them. But also we see why Vader doesn’t know yet Luke has a sister because they make him believe only one child survive, not the two twins. What I really dislike is Aphra’s phrase about an heir of Naboo, it seems the writers have forgotten how Naboo works, the title of Queen is like the title of President it’s a democracy, we see it in the movies and The Clone Wars the Queen changes many times and it’s not people from Padmé family!

What I love in this series is we don’t get only to see the Empire and Rebels, we also see pirates/bounty hunters/smugglers, we see a diverse world with a lot of species and characters.

5/10 Far from being as good as the first volume, this second part suffers from a lot of problems but also have strong elements that promise for a good third volume.


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