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Star Wars Rebels returned with a strong episode, ‘A Princess On Lothal’ was satisfying. This episode marked the first appearance of Princess Leia in the series and it was a real success in my opinion. Julie Dolan did a great work on voicing Leia, it was not Carrie Fisher but there was a likeness in the voice that really worked well! Visually too the character looked like Carrie. We found a younger Leia than in the movies but the character was the same and already dedicated to the rebel cause with this spirit of leader. I loved that she mentioned the Imperial Senate and how it worked at the time because before Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope, the Senate still existed so Leia and Bail could not just be seen working with the rebels, they had to work differently. For the Empire, Leia was seen as a member of the Senate not a rebel and this episode showed how it worked.

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The episode picked up not long after ‘Legacy’ which was a good point, it really felt like a direct continuation of the story and that’s always better for this kind of story to do this. I liked that we saw Azadi again and his character was developed a little bit, I hope we can see him in upcoming episodes. Rex was definitely missing in this episode, I think he could have been a great help in the team. Hera and Sabine had a little screentime but once again it was centered too much on Kanan and Ezra. At least, Leia had a great screentime in the episode but it would have been interesting if she had real dialogue with Hera and Sabine which didn’t really happen. Rebels has amazing female characters but doesn’t use them enough, they are put in the background most of the time and it’s disappointing.

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Concerning the story, it had a good plot – the rebels had to steal Leia’s ship to add them to their fleet. It was well written and had a good pace – action and talking, not too rushed, just right. It was not any ships that Leia had brought, it was ships based on designs from the video game Star Wars The Old Republic. I really love these ships and they were Legends so now they are Canon and I’m happy about it because they really look great and it’s a beautiful addition to the rebel fleet. I’m really looking forward to see them in real action in the upcoming episodes. We also got the return of the AT-AT and well they didn’t last long with Kanan cutting their legs, it was interesting to see another way to destroy these vehicles. Lyste was back too, an imperial officer with not much development, just one that is used when they don’t know who to use, I do wonder how he’s still alive. One thing that felt like a plot hole was why the Imperial Fleet did not return on Lothal after the battle of Garei, I just don’t get it.

8/10 A strong return for Star Wars Rebels and amazing appearance of Princess Leia!


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