The Protector of Concord Dawn was an episode about the Mandalorians so it obviously featured heavily Sabine which was a good thing. So far in this season, we haven’t seen the female characters a lot so an episode with Sabine is appreciated. At the beginning we got a team up with Sabine and Hera, we saw their A-Wings, different paints than the blue ones so we got some fight against the Mandalorian Gauntlet starfighters. At my surprise, Hera was wounded and left out of the episode and Kanan was there to replace her instead. I’m not really sure why they did that, we see Kanan in almost every episodes while Hera is pretty much absent most of the time, they had a great opportunity to have another awesome Hera & Sabine episode but they missed it for a Kanan & Sabine team that was less effective.

Hebergeur d'image

At least, we got new information concerning Sabine like she was from house Vizsla, Vizsla like Pre Vizsla from Star Wars The Clone Wars. It was interesting to notice that the Protectors considered her as traitors mentioning the Death Watch. As I saw it there were two possibilities of them saying she was a traitor – first, when Darth Maul took the power on Mandalore, Bo-Katan and the Night Owls split up from Maul’s Mandalorians and he told them history would remember them as traitors. However, Bo-Katan was house Kryze (she was Satine’s sister) and it was never specified if her Night Owls were house Vizsla, maybe the house Vizsla joined Maul. The second possibility was that the Protectors were supporters of Satine Kryze’s political regime hence them seeing the Death Watch as traitors.

Hebergeur d'image

It was good to see the Mandalorians again, their camp in Concord Dawn was similar to Vizsla’s Death Watch camp on Concordia, same style. We were introduced to new ships – the Gauntlet starfighters, a starfighter version of the Gauntlet fighters in The Clone Wars that were able to carry troops. The Mandalorians themselves had a different armor – a pilot armor, it was blue and resembled a little bit the Death Watch armor. The thing that was strange was that the camp was entirely filled with pilots, there were no normal soldiers, it was just pilots and starfighters. One thing we also learned, Fenn Rau and some Mandalorians trained the clone army and fought during some battles like on Mygeeto which reinforces the possibility that the Protectors were more on the side of Satine (even if she was Neutral, it would make more sense that they supported her rather than Pre Vizsla and his Death Watch). This was new information, in The Clone Wars we learned that some bounty hunters were hired to train the clones. We can really see the difference of training between the clones and the stormtroopers.

Hebergeur d'image

The episode ended with a victory of the rebels and the safe passage using the Protectors’ road. Only a few rebels pilots died but no Mandalorians died which was predictable.

6/10 A good episode giving us new information about Sabine and a part of the Mandalorians. However, the opportunity to have another Hera & Sabine episode was wasted to have the team Kanan and Sabine which didn’t work, the dynamic of the group wasn’t there.


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