[Review] Star Wars Rebels: Legends of the Lasat

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‘Legends of the Lasat’ was another episode written by Matt Michnovetz (writer for Star Wars The Clone Wars), so far the previous episodes Matt had written on Star Wars Rebels were great and this new one was too. We finally got an episode that developped Zeb’s story.

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The episode also included Hondo Ohnaka, everyone’s favorite pirate. As usual Hondo was funny and he obviously brought some troubles. He played a big part in the episode as it was him who lead the rebels to the Lasats and it was also him who gave Kallus the rebels’ location because of the tracker, Hondo’s insurance policy, really typical from him. Hondo has always been this good/bad guy who does his best to survive and that’s exactly who he was in this episode.

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‘Legends of the Lasat’ introduced us to new Lasat characters and it had Nightsisters from The Clone Wars vibe. The Force exists under different names, for the Nightsisters it was darkside with the magic while for the Lasat it was the lightside with the Ashla. There a strong mystical presence in this episode with the prophecy and Zeb’s bo-staff magic. It opened new doors for future stories and added to this mythology of the Force stuff and I really liked it. There was a real development in Zeb’s character where at the beginning he did not believe in the prophecy with in contrast at the end he believed in it and accomplished the prophecy finding his homeworld. I really hope that in the future, we get more episodes about the Lasats.

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This episode had some really impressive visuals especially with the space scenes and the homeworld of the Lasat. The music was really good, it fit well with the episode and was in this mystical style. The only disappointment I had was that we saw the Lasat’s planet but we didn’t go to it, I wish we could have seen the planet and all the other Lasats, it would have been great.

7/10 A great episode with fun and action, finally giving us more development about Zeb’s story.

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