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Unlike the Darth Vader series, this volume two of the main Star Wars comics series was really great. It gathers issues from 7 to 12.
The first part was an Obi-Wan Kenobi adventure. It was interesting to see Obi-Wan’s life on Tatooine between Episode III & IV and we also saw why he had not trained Luke because Owen (Luke’s uncle) did not want to we saw that in Episode IV Owen did not want Luke to get close from this “Ben Kenobi.” The problem there was in this first part of the volume was plot hole, there was a huge plot hole in it – during his exile on Tatooine Obi-Wan was supposed to communicate through the Force with Qui-Gon Jinn in order to manifest himself in the afterlife as a “jedi ghost spirit”. However in this comics, there was no mention of it and there was an insistence that Obi-Wan talked to no one, he was alone and alone … and wondering what Qui-Gon would do if he was there … which was not true, he talked to Qui-Gon Jinn, he was not really alone. So this part of the volume could be forgotten, it felt too much like the some of the Expanded Universe and it did not feel canon.

The rest of the volume continued the story that started in volume 1. It continued to have two separate storylines – Han and Leia on one hand and on the other hand Luke, Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3PO. The Han and Leia storyline just proved me why I didn’t like Sana, she spent half of the volume pretending to be Solo’s wife only to say that she was not and Han was right all along. The character of Sana was there only to bring troubles between Han and Leia but she was not useful to the overall story. Han and Leia storyline really became interesting when it joined the Luke storyline even if the interactions between the two were great as usual.

For the Luke storyline, it took an interesting turn. At that time Luke was alone and so he had to find someone or something to learn from how to become a jedi. His quest brought him on Nar Shaddaa (I was happy to see this planet and how it looked in the canon universe, I really liked it in the Legends video game Star Wars The Old Republic and visually in the comics it was not far away from the game), a hutt system, we met a new hutt and had a huge collection of Jedi relics, we got a cameo from Shaak Ti giving us a hint about her fate – dead not long after Order 66. However, it was a hint, it doesn’t mean she didn’t survive, maybe she did, maybe she did not, it left a little mystery. The storyline also brought Dengar into action, it was a nice cameo and a great fight against Chewbacca, quite badass and C-3PO ridiculous as usual. We also got a cameo appearance of Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar, General Jan Dodonna. Luke’s story explained how he got better at lightsaber fight – trained by a secret agent of the Empire. I loved how this agent’s identity was kept secret until the very end, many times I thought what if it was Darth Maul! It turned out he was a stormtrooper but not Maul. He was well-trained for just a stormtrooper. We were introduced to a new beast, more frightening than a rancor or rathtars. The two storylines merged into one at the end when Han and Leia came to rescue Luke. They used lightsabers which was pretty cool and unexpected. At the end of the volume the story is concluded and leaves the door open for a new story in volume 3.

Apart from the Obi-Wan story, the visuals were really impressive, there was a great likeness of the characters from Leia to Mon Mothma, we really recognized them.

7/10 A pretty good volume with action and fun. Interesting storyline and great visuals.


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