Hebergeur d'image

Star Wars Rebels The Call was an unnecessary filler episode for me. It brought nothing to the story and I didn’t see it as very interesting. The plot was really weak – getting fuel for the fleet and at the same time saving the Purrgils because they need the fuel to survive. Visually those creatures looked very weird half whales half squids and seeing them going into hyperspace was the strangest thing they did. So it didn’t work for me.

Hebergeur d'image

We got another old McQuarrie concept art used for the boss of the Mining Guild, I’m really annoyed by this overuse of the McQuarrie work, at this rate it’s not inspiration, it’s filling the episodes with his concept arts because of a lack of imagination. Paying a tribute has a limit and here it’s constantly using his work instead of creating something new.
For the starfighters of the Mining Guild, they didn’t search very far too – painting Tie Fighters in yellow and cutting a part of their wings. Creating a new ship for the Mining Guild wouldn’t have hurt much so it was very disappointing visually.

Hebergeur d'image

Ezra was one of the problems of this episode once again. Sometimes it seems the crew forgets he’s not the Chosen One, Anakin is. They gave Ezra powers in the Force that are more powerful than Kanan while both are just padawans. Ezra loosing his helmet was quite ridiculous, they were in space they need an helmet to breathe and in the fuel too, we’ve see in The Clone Wars what happens when people don’t wear a proper helmet in space. Ezra stayed without helmet for some time, normally he should have been dead and the Force is no excuse.

Hera who usually always love to help, here she didn’t want to help the Purrgils for some weak reasons, and it felt completely out of character.

3/10 A filler episode with a weak plot.


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