Hebergeur d'image

Homecoming was an awesome episode with a lot of The Clone Wars feels, we got to see Cham Syndulla, Numa and Gobi Glie again! Three characters we met in the Ryloth episodes of season 1 and 3 in TCW. Robin Atkin Downes and Catherine Taber reprised their roles of Cham and Numa, it was nice to hear their voices again! The last time we saw Numa she was just a kid and now we saw her being a fighter in the Ryloth resistance cell, she got a great development and I do hope we’ll see her again in future episodes. I really loved that on her armor we could see the symbol that clone trooper Boil had on his armor and a drawing of the tooka she had when she met Waxer and Boil, it was a beautiful nod to TCW and to her friendship with these two clones.

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Cham Syndulla was like in The Clone Wars, this same leader who cared about his people, the fight on his planet and not the bigger fight which created tensions between him and his daughter Hera. It was interesting to see the two interact and we found out why she left, they had two different visions but eventually this episode brought them working together when Hera made Cham realized that keeping the carrier was important for the Rebellion, the bigger fight. Speaking of the imperial carrier, it was a strange but nice design and a great addition to the rebel fleet, they have now a nice base.

This episode was an important one for Hera and I wish Rebels gave us more episodes like this where strong female characters are at the center, The Clone Wars did that and Rebels should do it more often because when they do it gives one of the best episodes. In this episode, Hera had to use her skills of leader again and lead her cell and Cham’s cell to a common ground to get this carrier.

The Twi’leks brought some badass action scenes which was great to see, bringing feelings from the battle of Lessu which was mentioned along with Mace Windu connecting TCW and rebels in the best possible way!

8/10 An awesome episode with great characters and a good plot!


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