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The Honorable Ones was an episode focused on Agent Kallus and Zeb. It was really the first time that we got to know more about Kallus, we’ll come back to this later. We learned a few details concerning Onderon which was great! Saw from The Clone Wars was part of the rebels which obviously made sense since the first rebels were actually the rebels of Onderon during the clone wars (as seen in the Onderon arc from TCW.) There was also a connection made to the Vader comics series – the Geonosians being all dead, it was first mentioned in the Vader comics explained the planet had been sterilized. However, just like last week, the rebels crew was above a well-known planet but they didn’t go on it instead we went on a moon of Geonosis, it was a bit frustrating to see Geonosis in the space and not seeing the rebels going to it. The episode would have done well too if it had been set on the planet instead of on this new moon. We finally got to see Captain Rex again after some episodes being away, he had a few lines but it is always a pleasure to see him!

Hebergeur d'image

This episode acted like a mirror with ‘The Gungan General’ from The Clone Wars – very similar plot villain and good guy having to work together in order to escape the planet. It was an interesting and fun plot bringing villain and good guy having to work together is original. Like I said earlier, it was the first time we got to know more about agent Kallus until now we only knew the villain part of him but with this episode they gave him a humanized side. However, a few things didn’t match, agent Kallus is supposed to be from the ISB which is the equivalent of the FBI in the Empire so he should know what happened on Geonosis instead of being surprised and not seeing why the Empire would do such an horrible thing. The way, they portrayed him, you don’t really understand why he’s in the Empire, it felt very different from what we had seen of him before. The episode showed Kallus had honor, several times he could have killed Zeb but didn’t. There was not just talk between the two characters they also faced new creatures, though these creatures didn’t look Star Wars to me, it was like they were coming from the movie Pacific Rim, they could have made an effort on the design.

Hebergeur d'image

The end showed Kallus returning to the Empire and not being welcomed by his fellow Imperials, he returned to his lonely quarters, it felt like they were opening the door for him to join the rebels at some point next season and that I didn’t like it. With what we saw of him in previous episodes, he’s an Imperial at heart, he’s a villain, being a good guy wouldn’t fit him so I hope it won’t happen.

6/10 A good episode with fun and action.


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