[Hasbro] Review: Assault Walker w/ Stormtrooper Sergeant

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Today we review the Assault Walker w/ First Order Stormtrooper Sergeant. The vehicle is the usual type of “mini-rigs” that Hasbro releases in every of their lines – a vehicle that they invented and that is not part of any star wars content. This “mini-rig” is inspired by the AT-RT seen in the Prequel Trilogy and made with the legs of the animated The Clone Wars AT-RT that Hasbro released in the TCW line. The upper body the assault walker is entirely invented by Hasbro, as the figure with it is 5POA it can’t sit on it so instead Hasbro made a hole in the vehicle so the figure can stand up in it. The colors of the vehicle are good, they fit with the jungle environment that the set is from (it was released in the jungle assortment of The Force Awakens line) but the way the figure stand in the vehicle just doesn’t fit and it’s ugly. However, the figure, the FO stormtrooper sergeant was seen in The Force Awakens in background scenes and it’s the only reason this set is worth it – for having a FO stormtrooper with a pauldron. The figure is not exactly a straight repack of the single card stormtrooper, first as said just before he has a black pauldron and also the white used is slightly different. I got this set on discount that’s the only reason I got it because only the figure interested me. So I’m not saying the set is good but I think having a better “mini-rig” or another actual vehicle that was in the movie would have been better. A single card release would have been good too.

Hebergeur d'image


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