When the video announcement for Star Wars Episode VIII was released the fans immediately wondered whether the movie would begins right after The Force Awakens as the scene we were shown in the announcement was a reenactment Rey giving back the Skywalker’s lightsaber to Luke, scene that ended The Force Awakens. In previous Star Wars movies, they all had time gap separating them, for example Attack of the Clones was set around ten years after The Phantom Menace. However, with Star Wars Episode VIII it will be the very first time a star wars movie begins right after the previous. It was confirmed by Daisy Ridley.

“When we went back to Skellig to do the opening of [Episode] VIII, it was so crazy doing the same scene with a different crew of people. He’s amazing to rehearse with, and I’m very excited to be doing the rest of the stuff.”

You can watch the full video here:

Personally, I think it’s a great idea to start Episode VIII this way, the way The Force Awakens ended calls for this kind of beginning.


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