Today is the birthday of the best pilot in the Resistance – Oscar Isaac! He played Poe Dameron in Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens and he’s reprising his role for Episode VIII.
At the Midi-Chlorian Center we are wishing him a wonderful birthday!

Before joining Star Wars, Oscar Isaac was already a well-known actor, he distinguished himself with powerful performances in some amazing movies so I thought today is the perfect occasion to recommend some of his best movies:

Inside Llewyn Davis
This movie of Joel and Ehtan Coen is for me the best Oscar Isaac’s movie. In this one he delivers the best performance of his career, it’s moving and powerful and we can also hear his great singing voice! The story is about a young singer in the 1960s who tries to make his way on the folk scene, it’s without any doubt a masterpiece of cinema.
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A Most Violent Year
This movie is directed by J.C. Chandor who previously distinguished himself with ‘Margin Call’ and ‘All Is Lost’, two breathtaking and amazing movies, ‘A Most Violent Year’ is like Chandor’s two previous movies, it does not disappoint and continues in the same style. Oscar Isaac is on screen with Jessica Chastain and both deliver outstanding performances with a brilliant story. The movie is about an immigrant trying to protect his business and his family in the dangerous year of 1981 in New York. It’s thrilling and stressful with a slow pace, there’s no action, the tensions in the movie are built up with the atmosphere, it’s really something that Chandor knows how to do and that’s one of the reasons his movies are brilliant.
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The Two Faces of January
In this one Oscar Isaac is on screen with two other great actors Viggo Mortensen and Kirsten Dunst, all three deliver amazing performances. The movie is based on a novel by the famous author Patricia Highsmith (author of Carol, which was also adapted on screen with Cate Blanchett, a masterpiece).
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Robin Hood
Oscar has a small role in this one but I thought it was worth mentioning as I loved his version of Prince John and also because it’s one of Ridley Scott’s best movies in my opinion, Cate Blanchett and Russel Crowe in a same movie can only be good. This movie as its title indicates is about Robin Hood, it’s the origin story of the character.
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And the last one is not a movie but a mini tv series for which he received a Golden Globe:
Show Me A Hero is a 6-part mini tv series, Oscar plays the role of the Mayor Nick Wasicsko who has to deal with the building of public housing in the White middle class part of the town.
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