The new wave of Black Series 3.75 figures has been revealed thanks to an Ebay seller and it’s 3 figures from The Force Awakens: Captain Phasma, Han Solo (Snow Gear) and finally a General Leia figure! Han Solo in his Snow gear is really a strange choice as we only see him like this like 2 minutes in the movie, it would have been better to have a removable snow coat so we could have had a super articulated TFA Han and what is not surprising is Han has brown hair instead of grey hair, just like the 5POA and the 6inch version, Hasbro is afraid to make an old Han Solo, how ridiculous! Leia in her ceremony gear is also a weird choice, why releasing her with the ceremony gear first while she has more screentime in the movie with her Resistance outfit? It is a real mystery. Apart from these weird choices, the figures look good. We get these revealed thanks to ebay sellers/leaks because Hasbro has stopped doing press release announcing new toys since TFA line so we never know the exact release date.

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

You can see all the pictures on Ebay.


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