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Today we review the super articulated Rey (Jakku) figure from the Black Series line (3.75inch not the 6inch one)! The figure is very different from the 5POA version, obviously it has a lot more points of articulation – this Black Series figure has 14POA which is great for collectors who like to make their figures take battle postures. Some may wonder if the lower part of the tunic being plastic narrow the possibility of postures, and it doesn’t narrow the possibilities. I think fabric tunic wouldn’t have worked and would have been a bit difficult to do on this figure, choosing the plastic was the right choice. Rey’s head is removable to put instead her desert hood, that’s was a nice move to do, because having a removable hood to put on her head would probably have been to big and ugly like it often happened with removable helmet in the super articulated lines. Here her desert hood is the right size. However when she has her hood, the arms articulation is limited as the hood also covers her shoulders. Her hands are covered by gloves part of her desert explorer gear but she doesn’t have removable hands to have hands without gloves which is a bit disappointing as we see her with no gloves for the most important part of the movie, that’s the little detail that disappoints. In terms of accessories, she also has a bag and her staff, both are highly detailed! The figure itself is highly detailed and has great paint apps with a face bearing quite well Rey’s likeness.
So if this figure better than the 5POA version? Well, in term of articulation it is obviously better. Overall, it’s better, the sculpt is better, everything is better, the 5POA was already a great achievement but this super articulated figure does even better. The problem is that it is part of a Walmart exclusive line which make it more difficult to find and also more expensive. I think the 5POA is satisfying but if you are lucky to find the black series one it is worth it to pick it up but at a correct price not overpriced.

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image


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