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Yesterday’s episode of Star Wars Rebels was written by Matt Michnovetz who already wrote several episodes this season (and also wrote episodes for Star Wars The Clone Wars). The episode before this one was an important one to the overall plot with some revelations while this one is a fun episode. It was good to have this kind of episode before big things happen with the season 2 finale, it slows down the story and let the audience prepare, plus we never got a Chopper episode which was nice to see!

Hebergeur d'image

Chopper stealing a droid leg that matches his original one was a funny plot and fit with the personality of this character, the grumpy and stubborn droid. The unexpected was the Imperial droid who ended up helping Chopper and in the end he is with the rebels. I didn’t see it coming so it was a nice move and this team of droid worked very well with humor, a bit like the R2-D2 and C-3PO team! And exactly like R2-D2 and C-3PO, the Imperial droid was like C-3PO, the droid who always complains and you want him to stop talking while Chopper was like R2-D2, the droid who was not afraid to fight and was ready for fun. Chopper and his friend took control of an Imperial transport on their own, that’s on a good level of badass. Seeing this droid adventure was reminiscent of when we got droid adventures in The Clone Wars, TCW was able to do better, there were more adventurous episodes than rebels.

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My favorite part of the episode was the little space battle, it was nice to see Ketsu fighting along side the rebels, it’s a bit disappointing we did not get an episode before showing us when she joined the rebels. The last time we saw Ketsu she said “I’ll think about it” so an episode focused on her joining the rebels would have been necessary, however I’m still happy to see that now she is with them! She is going to be a strong ally. I hope we will get more space battles like this one, I need to see more of the rebel fleet fighting, they have a fleet, they need to use it. Concerning the rebels, I thought Hera was out of character at one particular moment – when she left the Imperial facility without Chopper, it’s her droid, Chopper said she rescued him and she left him like that? I didn’t buy it. That’s one little detail. Speaking of this facility, I was happy to see its design was like the Orondia station from The Clone Wars. It makes much more sense to re-use designs seen in the movies and The Clone Wars, it links Rebels with the rest of the saga rather than constantly using concept arts from McQuarrie that doesn’t make sense. I hope we see more of it in future episodes.

Hebergeur d'image

We were introduced to a new ship in this episode but the Imperial transport design did not felt Star Warsy, it felt like the Tet from the movie Oblivion. This movie is my favorite movie of all time but it’s not the same visual style as Star Wars so putting a ship that looks like it, doesn’t work in the SW universe.

6/10 A good and fun episode, well-written and giving some spotlight to Chopper.


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