Entertainment Weekly has revealed the first look at the deleted scenes of The Force Awakens that we will be able to see on blu-ray. There will be only 7 deleted scenes that we will be able to see.

One of the scene includes Kylo Ren and a group of Snowtroopers going on the crash site of the Millenium Falcon with Kylo still struggling with the pull to the light side. One scene includes Leia who weighs on the massacre on Jakku by the First Order and Major Brance who receives a message from BB-8 informing them of the attack. Another scene includes Poe Dameron leading his squadron to the assault on Starkiller Base. There is also a scene with Rey getting news status of the badly injured Finn. Remember, Habsro had released a snowspeeder with a snowtrooper well, we will see these speeders in action in the deleted scenes it’s them chasing Finn and Rey.

One of the scenes include Han, Finn, Chewie and Maz Kanata facing a group of Stormtroopers when the First Order attacks the castle, this one is said to be available only digitally but EW states “But remember, each Blu-ray combo pack includes a free download, so you can get it that way.” So apparently, the free download of the movie on blu-ray combo pack includes this scene too. However, this means is only for the US. The UK and French blu-ray editions don’t include the digital copy according to Amazon but they include a blu-ray bonus disc in which there are the bonus features, the movie is on a separate blu-ray disc which means the US digital scene may be on the disc for Europe, we don’t have confirmation of this yet so it’s not clear yet.


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