[Review] Star Wars Rebels: The Mystery of Chopper Base

Hebergeur d'image

The Mystery of Chopper Base was the last episode of Star Wars Rebels before the season 2 finale. It didn’t bring anything to the overall plot except that the rebels have finally set up their base on Atollon, a planet that is reminiscent of Rugosa from Star Wars The Clone Wars, nice to see a nod to the series once again. The use of the rock song when Zeb listened to the radio was actually nice and fit with the character and the star wars universe, just like The Clone Wars used some pop-like music on Nal Hutta at the Hutt Council “party”.

Hebergeur d'image

The rebels didn’t fight the Empire in this episode but kind of spiders, it was painful for me to watch! I hate spiders and these spiders were ugly and very hard to kill! But the good point was Rex had a good screentime, and when Rex is here, it’s always good! He was still as badass as before. I like that we saw Hera trying to save Rex without the jedi’s (well, they are padawans to be more precise) help even though the spiders were so difficult to kill that even the jedi help didn’t do that much. The plot was well-written and interesting, there was a lot of talking and also some action with the spiders.

Hebergeur d'image

The episode acted like it was a way to prepare us to Kanan’s death and Ezra turning to the darkside. For Kanan, his scene with Hera when he said he would come back but it felt like the Han and Leia scene from The Force Awakens, a farewell scene. For Ezra, in the end the background music was very darkside-like. If that’s really what will happen in the season finale then that would be disappointing to spoil us in this episode, tv series like Lost and Person of Interest know how to kill characters and surprising us with who dies, you never expect it while here with Rebels, it felt a little bit too much of a goodbye episode so hopefully there will be big surprises in the next episode and things will happen differently than what this episode suggested. To return to the Kanera (it’s the ship name for Kanan and Ezra), it was a romantic scene but it felt too much like a farewell, it could have been better. The lightsaber training scene could have been easily cut and was the scene that was not necessary in the episode.

6/10 Good episode.

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