Star Wars The Force Awakens On Blu-Ray Recap of the Release Dates From Different Countries

Yesterday, the digital version of The Force Awakens was released in the US and they’re getting the DVD and blu-ray release on Tuesday. It goes the same for Canada but not for the rest of the world so here’s the blu-ray & DVD release dates for some of the other countries:

France – April 16
You have 4 different options the DVD, the Blu-ray (Light side sleeve artwork or the dark side sleeve artwork, if you want to choose the sleeve artwork I recommend you to go directly to your local stores as Amazon sends randomly the sleeves) or the steelbook combo DVD & blu-ray
We can notice that the steelbook edition is the same as the US steelbook. The blu-ray in France does not contain a digital copy of the movie and no sleeve artwork, just the 2 blu-ray disc with the movie and the bonus features.
Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

UK – April 18
You also have 3 options if you like in the UK, the DVD, the Blu-Ray dark side sleeve artwork or light side sleeve artwork.
The UK don’t get a steelbook version but have the choice of a pointless sleeve artwork.
Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Spain – April 20
You have the same options as in France, the DVD, the blu-ray or the steelbook combo DVD & blu-ray.

Germany – April 28
And it goes the same for Germany – DVD, blu-ray or steelbook combo DVD & blu-ray.

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