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When The Force Awakens was released fans wondered why C-3PO had a red arm and we were promised the answer would be given in a special comic book. However, this one-shot comics was postponed quite a few times but it was finally released yesterday; so was it worth the wait? Well, no, it’s not a bad story nor an amazing one, it’s a nice and fun adventure but the 4-month wait was excessive.

I really loved the references to the Prequels movies, we saw a construction droid-type from these movies but the most important references were to the events that C-3PO had witnessed, the Geonosis Arena and other stuff, we even got a little flash memory picture of Theed from Naboo. As you remember in Episode III Revenge of the Sith, C-3PO had his memory wiped out at the end, however as we learned in this comics, he still have flashes of memories from what has been erased in him, just like when someone looses a limb and still feels it even when it’s gone hence the name the Phantom Limb.

So what the story is about? Well, it’s about how C-3PO got his red arm obviously! A Resistance ship on which he was aboard crashed on a planet and only the droids survived among the survivors C-3PO, a construction droid, a medical droid, two security droids including one like PZ-4CO and another protocol droid but this one was a prisoner, he knew where Ackbar was held. So from there, the group of droids went on an adventure to find the beacon from a First Order Tie Fighter and activate it in order to call the Resistance for help. On their way to the ship, the droids encountered spiders (ugh, I HATE SPIDERS!) and other creatures, on their way all the droids were killed except Omri (the prisoner droid) and C-3PO who eventually became friend. Threepio lost his arm during the attack from some creatures and so how did he got the red one? His new friend Omri sacrificed himself activating the beacon to call the Resistance before the acid rain destroyed it, this acid destroyed Omri and in souvenir of his new friend, C-3PO kept Omri’s arm.

One story that would be great to get is that rescue mission of Admiral Ackbar, my guess is since we see Poe Dameron at the end, it will be explored in the comics series of this character and that is something I’m looking forward to see!

Visually, it wasn’t the best drawings, it was disappointing on that level but it wasn’t that bad. The story like I said was a nice and fun adventure, there was nothing spectacular in it but it reminded me of the fun droid adventures we got in the Emmy-award-winning series Star Wars The Clone Wars.

6/10 Not the best comic book but an interesting and fun one, plus we finally got the answer to the question “Why did C-3PO have a red arm in The Force Awakens?”


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