[Hasbro] Review: Finn (FN-2187)

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Hebergeur d'image

Last time I reviewed Captain Rex from the desert assortment of the third wave so today we are continuing with the same assortment and I’m going to review Unkar Plutt and Finn (FN-2187).

Finn with his stormtrooper outfit comes from the first minutes of The Force Awakens when a dying stormtrooper puts his bloody hand on Finn’s helmet. This figure is a 5POA one with a removable helmet, a blaster and the usual useless BAW (Build-A-Weapon). The helmet fits perfectly on the figure which is great because when there is a removable helmet, it’s often bad with Hasbro especially when it comes to troopers in realistic style. Indeed, very often the helmet is way too big and doesn’t fit well on the figure but with this Finn, it’s not the case, when he has the helmet on, it doesn’t look like it’s a removable helmet figure! So Hasbro has done some huge efforts on this part, there’s no denial.
Concerning the sculpt, it’s exactly the same as the basic First Order Stormtrooper (you can see the review here) except the head of course, Finn’s head seems to be the same as the Finn Jakku figure (review here), great sculpt and great likeness of the character.
It’s a very good figure and nicely detailed but since it’s from the beginning of the movie, I thought it would have been way more logical to release it during Force Friday in September 2015 or in the second wave instead of a Kanan repack. However, I’m still happy we got this Finn figure, now Hasbro needs to release a figure of Lor San Tekka and we’ll be able to recreate completely the first scene of The Force Awakens!

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

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