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Hebergeur d'image

Tasu Leech has his blaster with him and a part of a BAW that as usual we don’t need. The blaster is a cool weapon but not very much detailed, they painted it all in the same color while in the movie, it’s not! In his holster, there is also a second blaster sculpted on the figure so not removable, quite disappointing it would have make a better accessory than the BAW … Hasbro did it with Kanan and did it again here, it just doesn’t make any sense, why not giving the blaster as an accessory as well! It just looks ugly when it’s sculpted on the figure. However, concerning the figure itself, it’s nicely detailed, his armor has some kind of gold stains on it making it look like dirty/old pirated-like. The face is not the best one Hasbro did but it’s not the worst either, it’s good but could have been better, at least it looks like Tasu Leech and it’s rather accurate.
People have complained a lot about this figure concerning its size but if you look on google for the name of the actor playing Tasu Leech – ‘Yayan Ruhian’ he is 1.57m tall which means he is quite small so it’s normal the figure is smaller than other character and if you look in the movie, Tasu is smaller than his Kanjiklub friend. Hasbro got the size of the character right, it’s accurate on this part. I put him next to Han Solo in a picture at the end to show you the size difference.
It’s a good figure and it can be useful to recreate the “Tell that to Kanjiklub” scene but other than that, I wouldn’t say it’s a must-have figure, it’s worth it if you love collecting pirates/smugglers/cantina characters …

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image


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