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Hebergeur d'image

Today, we have three new reviews for you – the figures from the jungle assortment of the third wave (Han Solo, Hassk Thug, Rey (Resistance Outfit) and I’m starting with Han Solo who is one of my favorites Star Wars characters! I would have liked to say that this figure is one of the best of The Force Awakens line but it wouldn’t be true. This figure is a mix of good and bad things unfortunately. I’m going to start with the bad points and I’ll go with the good points. First, the blaster is so tiny like really tiny, be careful because you can loose it easily if you don’t pay attention. So yes they got the paint apps right on the blaster but it’s too small and it doesn’t stay very well in the hands of the figure. Plus, this blaster doesn’t fit well in the holster, WHAT? Yes, it’s tiny but it doesn’t even fit well in the holster, quite disappointing. So, he doesn’t have a lot of accessories and the only blaster they gave him is not even great! Fortunately, I have plenty of Han Solo figures and previous blasters hold better in his hands but none can fit in the holster. Then the big huge let down of this figure is Han Solo’s hair! They gave him some gray highlights but overall the hair have been painted brown! Hasbro has forgotten that Han Solo was old in The Force Awakens, were they afraid to make a figure of an old man? Really, come on, it was not complicated to paint the hair gray, they gave him some gray highlights but didn’t finish the job! To get an accurate Han Solo of TFA, you need to buy paint and paint his hair yourself! Unbelievable! They could also have given more details to the jacket, they have forgotten to paint in grey the little cylinders on the right. I begin to think that Hasbro didn’t have enough gray paint and so that’s why they did what they did. *insert triple facepalm here*
However, this figure is not all bad, despite completely messing up with the hair color, Hasbro got the rest of the face correctly, it has the likeness of Harrison Ford. Usually, Hasbro does good with Han Solo’s face. The outfit as well is accurate, it’s my favorite Han Solo outfit, I really love this leather jacket and leather boots, Hasbro was able to give them a leather aspect with the paint they have chosen.
So the really huge problem is the hair because the outfit is great and the rest of the face is accurate, this figure could have been amazing but turns out to be an average one because of that problem. And no need to remind you that this is a 5POA figure.

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image


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