[Hasbro] Review: Kylo Ren (Unmasked)

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Hebergeur d'image

For the last review of the third wave, Kylo Ren Unmasked! This figure is certainly one of the best of The Force Awakens line and a must-have! This figure has an entirely new sculpt, it’s not just the same sculpt of the previous Ren figures with another head – one of his hands his positioned as if he used the Force and his legs are positioned differently like a battle position, it gives an impression of movement which is awesome for a 5POA figure. His accessories are his lightsaber and a removable hood. Honestly, the hood was unnecessary as we don’t see him like that in the movie. Hasbro got perfectly the likeness of Adam Driver in this figure, it’s an amazing sculpt, very detailed and I love it! Great job done on this figure, if you need a Kylo Ren figure, this is the one.

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image


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