[Review] Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Blu-Ray


What I’m reviewing is the French basic blu-ray. I got the light side sleeve artwork but the dark side sleeve artwork is also available, both version have the same content. There are 2 discs inside – the disc of the movie and the bonus disc.

Languages : English (audio 7.1), French (audio DTS HD 5.1), Spanish

Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

Region Free

The video and the audio 5/5

There is nothing better than watching a movie on blu-ray and on a big HD TV and with great speakers, the video quality is just mind-blowing on blu-ray and so is the sound. That’s how it’s meant to be watch not on a small tablet digitally.

Content 5/5

For the content, you can read my review and my in-depth analysis, plus additionally my resistance and First Order post.

Bonus 1.5/5

The bonus features are really really disappointing. The Table Read is nostalgia filled for fanboys but it is not interesting. The some of documentaries are “practical effects” talk so it’s a pass. The ILM documentary shows some good stuff though. However, the deleted scenes are the only worth it bonus. At least some of the deleted scenes. The Poe scene was completely unnecessary, the Finn will be alright too, it brought absolutely nothing to the movie. The snowspeeder chase was an action scene but well, I didn’t need to see it. The Finn and the villager scene was really interesting and brought more understanding to Finn’s character as he let go that villager but this should have been included in the movie. Kylo Ren going on the Millenium Falcon was a great scene as well, a lots of feels as Kylo entered the cockpit of the ship. The Leia scene was nice. These were the three deleted scenes that were really interesting and should have been included in the movie itself instead of being included in the bonus. But the cut scenes that we were told about like the Kor Sella-Leia scene where the galactic context would have been explained better, the Maz at the Resistance base (she disappeared from the movie with no explaination which was weird), a longer Rey and Leia conversation at the end (the novel had one and it appears that they had filmed one also for the movie according to Slash Films) and the Unkar Plutt scene at Maz Castle were not part of the bonus. These seemed to have been really interesting scenes but these were not on the blu-ray.
(The Han Solo scene at Maz’s Castle was not part of the French blu-ray, it’s only available in the US digitally)

Overall 3/5
The video and audio quality of the blu-ray are truly amazing and it feels just like you were at the cinema rewatching the movie. However, don’t expect more from the blu-ray, the bonus are just a huge let down.


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