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Star Wars Rebels season 3 is months away, Star Wars Episode VIII is in the middle of production and apart from the first trailer of Rogue One which was revealed recently, there are not a lot of news in the Star Wars fandom in the recent days, however we still have a few more reviews of Hasbro toys from The Force Awakens and today we have an awesome review – the Resistance X-wing!

Hebergeur d'image

This Resistance X-Wing is not just a simple repaint of Poe’s X-Wing, it is also an improvement. Many people had a problem of warped cannons and cones with Poe’s X-Wing, however this problem has been resolved with this X-Wing, I have seen no one reporting warped cannons on this one and my X-Wing has totally straight cannons. So it’s definitely an improvement that Hasbro has made here.
About the paint apps, it’s clean paint apps and it’s accurate to what we see in the movie – white, blue, gray. It has a landing gear and a firing cannon, a fun thing for the kids.
To open its wings, it’s the same process as with Poe’s X-Wing, you have to push BB-8 and to close the wings, you have to push the little button behind him. Like the previous X-Wing, Hasbro has painted only BB-8’s head not the rest of its body, it’s a little too bad but when the wings are opened, what we mostly see is the head. This BB-8 doesn’t move much his head, we can turn it a little bit to the right and left but not as much as the previous one.
Concerning the cockpit, the figure of Poe that is included can fit in it, the figure of Snap Wexley as well and also Nien Nunb, i haven’t try for Asty but if the three others can fit, he can fit as well. There are also a few stickers to put on the cockpit, not so difficult.
I definitely love this X-Wing and I think the blue definitely fits with this vehicle! Unlike the recent X-Wings from the Vintage Collection or before, Poe’s X-Wing and the Resistance X-Wing are not to big, they are at the right size for the figures.

Concerning the figure of Poe, it is exactly the same as the Armor-Up but with an helmeted-head and of course the helmet is not removable like for Asty and Snap and like them, the helmet has a banana visor so the figure is the real disappointment of this pack, fortunately it’s the ship that matters and the ship is great!

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image


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