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Hebergeur d'image

This is one of the last reviews we’re doing of The Force Awakens toy line, we’ll also review from this line the Takodana Encounter pack and the upcoming 3.75 black series and after that, the toys released will most likely be part of the Rogue One toy line which we’ll review as well, we’ll create a list of the products released just as we did for the TFA line. So what about this armor-up? Well, we pay some additional euros (or Americans some dollars) for what just a piece of plastic that looks like an armor instead of a build-a-weapon. Disappointing, this should have been released in single card. It’s a repaint of the FO Tie Pilot, what they added are the red marks on the helmet that makes him an Elite pilot. This 5POA figure has his blaster just like the single card pilot. It’s a good figure and definitely worth it for First Order lovers but it doesn’t worth the price stores ask for it.
If you are wondering, yes this figure fits in the First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter.

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image


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