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Hebergeur d'image

There are no Build-A-Weapon parts in this one but it doesn’t mean there is no stupid accessory, there is some kind of missile launcher with a grappling iron, it’s purpose? I don’t know. An environment base like they did for Revenge of the Sith figures would have been much better or even a proper accessory like for Attack of the Clones figures. Each of the two figures have blasters, one the resistance blaster, the other the first order blaster rifle. Concerning the figures, the Snowtrooper is a straight repack of the single card snowtrooper but a black pauldron. In The Force Awakens, the snowtroopers with pauldron we see are red pauldrons but if there are stormtroopers with black pauldrons there surely are snowtroopers with black pauldrons somewhere. So the snowtrooper is a great figure definitely. Concerning, Snap, it’s a different sculpt from Asty, even if it’s the same outfit. It’s a good sculpt like Asty but like that figure, they both have the same huge problem of the banana visor. The unremovable helmet is not a huge problem, it’s just disappointing but the visor is a problem.
Overall, this 5POA 2-pack is a good one, snowtrooper and a resistance pilot can only be good. However, if Hasbro hadn’t messed up with Snap’s head, it would have turned out to be a great pack instead.

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image


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