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I usually wait for the trade paperback versions to be release but I couldn’t wait until December to read the first volume so I got the first two issues of the Poe Dameron comic series. The events take place before The Force Awakens and after Before the Awakening book. So at this time, Poe has already left the New Republic and is now working for the Resistance and has been assigned by Leia to find Lor San Tekka who could help them to find Luke Skywalker. Poe is not alone on his mission, he has a little team with him including Jess Pava and Snap Wexley both seen in The Force Awakens. But these two pilots are not the only familiar faces from Poe’s team, we see Karé Kun who was first seen with Poe in the BTA book and L’ulo first seen in Shattered Empire comics. I really love these connections between the different stories already released. Interestingly both L’ulo and Karé don’t appear in TFA, so does this mean they will both die or will we see them in Episode VIII ? I hope the later, especially L’ulo, we only got Asty in TFA as an alien pilot, we need more aliens and especially alien species we have already seen in previous movies, L’ulo is a Duros, species seen in A New Hope and The Clone Wars (Cad Bane). The BTA part of Poe would have been better made in comics since we have a series about Poe, this would have make more sense and readers of the comics wouldn’t need to read BTA to get the whole picture but well never mind. There is also another connection to previous released material – the Carrion Spike, Tarkin’s ship in Tarkin novel based on the Stealth Ship from TCW so I was really happy to finally see visually that Tarkin ship, it has the same basis as the Stealth Ship but in painted in blue and with some additions.
In terms of story, I really like the Poe comics so far. It has a good pace, it’s adventurous and nice. We get to see other ships than X-Wings, L’ulo still has his A-Wing so why didn’t we see A-Wings in TFA for the Resistance? It’s a mystery. We get to meet a new villain Terex who is now the owner of the Carrion Spike, I liked the reference to Hasbro, Marvel used the Elite Speeder Bike! Terex seems to be a different kind of officer than the others we’ve seen from the First Order, speaking of we also see Phasma again and it’s no surprise that she doesn’t like him. Terex seems to be more human and yet so vile at the same time which is a strange combination but it works for a villain. He’s someone who has a personality contrary to the usual members of the First Order.
We encounter a new planet and on it a settlement protecting a mysterious egg containing a “savior,” this part really intrigues me and I’m really looking to know more about it, that’s really interesting.
Visually speaking, the comics are beautiful, very realistic.

8/10 A great start to what will most likely be an amazing series of comics!


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