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Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

The Takodana Encounter pack contains 4 figures including 3 repacks so I will only review the new figure, it would be useless to say the same things again about the other figures. You can check my reviews of Rey, Finn, BB-8. The accessories included in this set are: a blaster, Anakin’s lightsaber, Anakin’s lightsaber hilt, Rey’s staff, Finn’s blaster, the box that contained the lightsaber.
What I will review here is Maz Kanata and the box plus the blaster. The box is pretty much accurate to what see on screen, they gave it little details so it’s nice. Maz Kanata is an amazing figure, really! There’s a lot of details put on this one, the clothes, the jewelry, her eyes, the goggles, it’s a high quality figure with great paint apps. She is a 5POA figure like the rest of the line. They respected her small size. The goggles are transparent not the banana visors like we had recently with the Resistance pilots so this problem is finally over! Her blaster is clearly too big for her, it’s a bit ridiculous.
This pack is only worth it for Maz but paying more than 25$ for just one new figure is crazy, releasing her in a 2-pack with a new alien would have been a far better choice.


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