Hebergeur d'image

This series keeps going on a good way, Poe Dameron #3 is just as great as the two previous issues. Issues 1-2-3 could have worked as an episode of a TV series as it told a story and the third issue concluded it. The most interesting part was the birth of the savior, I really liked the design, a call back to the Mortis trilogy of Emmy-award-winner show Star Wars The Clone Wars, very much like the Son when he was in his creature form. It was actually two creatures in this egg – one dark and one blue, what was surprising was the blue one being the evil creature and the dark one being the savior, not the one we expected. Poe and the Black Squadron were able to survive against the First Order and Terex, Terex was talking to much but that’s what makes his character, he is the officer who thinks too high of himself and that makes him a good villain so I do hope we’ll see him again. We also learn thanks to him that the First Order has tribunals, interesting really, it would be good to learn more about how the First Order works, Bloodline gave us some clues but we need to know more about it! Now our heroes are headed to a prison in order to find Lor San Tekka.

8/10 Fun, action and some good surprises.


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