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Yesterday, the fourth issue of Poe Dameron comics was released. It started the second adventure of Poe and his Black Squadron leading us to meet again a character who was first introduced in the Star Wars main comics series – Grakkus The Hutt, this time we see him in prison but a particular kind of prison. If you read Poe #3, at the end he learns that Lor San Tekka went to see Grakkus after leaving that village with the egg and so that’s where we go in Poe #4. This prison is a private one where the prisoners are sent on the planet in a small village and they do their own laws, no guards are there to watch them because if they leave the village they are killed by the atmosphere of the planet, that was a surprising design for a prison but it worked very well – the prisoners turned it into another miniature world of scum and villainy. Of course, we saw Agent Terex again and I’m looking forward to see who’s going to win in the next issue – him or Poe. Indeed, Grakkus wants to get out of prison and he’ll tell what he knows to the one who gets him out of there. This will be fun.
We also got a flashback to D’Qar that took place between issue 3 and 4. Who put the tracker on Poe’s X-Wing suggest, we might encounter a mole but who? Someone from the New Republic? Speaking of Republic, I really like the little information we get through the dialogues about the political context, suggesting how the Resistance is seen by the Republic – not very well. The Resistance is not allowed to engage fight with the First Order first, but they know war is coming and soon, and we know that since Hosnian Prime is destroyed in The Force Awakens, we can expect that a full scale war in Episode 8, because the Republic will certainly retaliate. If they had removed the technical X-Wing talk and replaced it with more political background, it would have been even better.
Poe Dameron is an on going series and not a mini series, considering its story I doubt it can last long. After 5 or 6 adventures searching Lor San Tekka, they will have to end it and make Poe go to Jakku where TFA begins. If they make this series too long, it will become annoying and destroy the fun of this story.

8/10 Good and fun adventure, setting some challenges for the next issue


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