Star Wars Celebration Europe in London is only 3 days away and everyone is getting ready for the biggest Star Wars event of the year, so here’s a little guide to help you.

First, you have to pick up your badges at the West Entrance of the building, once you clear security, you’ll be able to access the registration hall that is open tomorrow from 8AM to 5PM and then it also opens on Thursday at 8AM and doesn’t close until the last day of Celebration.

Few days ago, the website of the event released a guide to navigating at the Celebration, it’s very useful! In this guide, they explained the wristbands system. If you’re going to a panel taking place at the Celebration Stage (Rogue One Panel, Carrie Fisher panel, Mark Hamill panel, Star Wars Rebels season 3 panel, The Future Filmmakers panel) you will have to queue to get a wristband giving you access to the panel. You can start queuing after 8 PM the night before the panel you want to go (for example, if you want to see Rogue One panel, you can queue on Thursday night to get a wristband). I highly recommend to start queuing after 8PM the night before as the big panels are the ones everyone will want to go to so there will be a lot of people, arriving at 6AM might be too late.
For Rogue One and the Future Filmmakers, you will have the possibility to see a live stream of the panels on the Galaxy Stage but you’ll need a wristband too (other panels on the Galaxy Stage don’t require a wristband.)

Here’s a complete list of all the panels, if you need here. Speaking of that, make a schedule so you know exactly where you need to go and when you need to. The Floor Plan is also essential, so you know where are the things you’re looking for.

There’s a Celebration app so it can be useful, you can download it here.

Bring a bag in which you put some food and something to drink (probably coffee if you’re queuing!!) for Celebration, prices will probably be expensive for food and water inside the halls. The Celebration Store will accept both credit cards and cash but for other booths (like the Random House booth, Forbidden Planet booth …), it will depend on the vendors so don’t forget to bring cash! For queuing, bringing a book might be helpful since you’ll spend hours and hours waiting. A portable battery charger will be helpful for your phone or your camera.

See you at Star Wars Celebration Europe! I’ll post my complete coverage of the Celebration when I come back from London next week!


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