You can see the pictures from the panel on our facebook page here.

Carrie Fisher had her own panel at celebration called ‘The Princess Diaries’ and hosted by Warwick Davis. Just as every Celebration stage this panel was full – 4200 people there! It wasn’t a panel in which we got any reveals but it was a panel where we could laugh with Carrie Fisher telling her funny stories.

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Just before the start of the panel, all the cosplayers dressed as female characters were called to go on stage for a picture, it was lovely to see all Padmé cosplayers, Leia, Rey, so much love for these characters!

Hebergeur d'image

Then it was time for Carrie Fisher to arrive on stage with her dog Garry of course who has such a huge fanbase. Carrie was as much amazing as you could imagine, she’s exactly how you think she is, a truly lovely person. And with Carrie, this panel could only be a lot of laughing, a lot and with Garry too who tried to chase Warwick.

Carrie talked about her haircuts in Star Wars, the buns from A New Hope but also what she called “baboon hair” from The Force Awakens, here’s a little reminder of what it looks like:

Carrie is so funny with the hair, she always complain about it, before it was the buns and now it’s this new one as well.

She talked about the fans and how they reacted when they met her, most of them when they meet her at the airport or anywhere else they’re often going to say “LEIA!” and not call her by her name but by her character’s name. This kind of thing happens often when actors are famous, people often forget to make the difference between the character and the actor/actress.

Carrie mentioned Harrison Ford and how both got old and soft. She also mentioned the advice she gave to Daisy Ridley – “Don’t go through the crew like wildfire.” Typical Carrie advice!

She also played a game with Warwick where he showed a clip where he told someone a quote and she had to guess if the person could finish the quote, she got right at almost everything except “There’s always a bigger fish.” She recreated Leia’s first encounter with Wicket from Return of the Jedi, that was hilarious, instead of biscuit she gave him Coca-Cola saying this was the best thing, instead of her hat, she gave him her glasses saying it was a hat shaped like glasses. She did another game it was to take as much possible selfies with the fans in 60 seconds, she did 8.

It was a funny panel and it was amazing seeing Carrie Fisher, truly amazing!


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