On Saturday, we had the big Star Wars Rebels panel, a 2-hour event. We’ll start with the first hour, Warwick Davis hosted the panel and brought 3 guests – Dave Filoni, Sam Witwer and Tiya Sircar. It was a little bit surprising that there were only two members of the cast there but I was so happy that it was Sam and Tiya who were there, it was great seeing them and Filoni!

We got two clips from season 3. The first one was Sabine, Ezra and Chopper being chase by a group of Mandalorians working for the Empire. These Mandalorians had an armor similar to the McQuarrie Boba Fett design. It looked like it was happening on a new planet which is good because we didn’t go on that many planets so far, probably because of the budget so everytime we get a new planet I’m happy. It really was action-packed and Sabine finally had a JETPACK !!! It was so great it finally happened, if you look closely at the design of this jetpack it’s the same as Clone Commander Cody! The second clip was darker, it featured also a new location, well not so new because for people who read the comics Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir, they know this place, it’s a former Mandalorian base that Maul used and actually at the beginning of the clip, we also saw Maul’s ship from this comic book as well! Obviously, this sneak peek featured Darth Maul, this time he wasn’t shirtless, I think he was probably happy cause he must be tired sometimes to be so often shirtless. We saw Ezra and Kanan meeting him who has captured the rest of their crew. (That’s intriguing! When does this episode air???) It involved the Sith Holocron they discovered in the season 2 finale, Maul wants it. We saw once again that Maul definitely considered Ezra as his apprentice but will it work, that’s yet to be seen. One thing was sure, Maul wasn’t here to be the good guy, the clip ended with Maul pushing Kanan into the space .. what a cliffhanger!

Speaking of the main characters, everyone got an update! For me, Kanan has the best update! He looks older (I think it’s probably because of the beard), wiser, this helmet he has hiding his blind eyes is really cool and the jaig eyes on it is a nice call back to Captain Rex especially they didn’t go on a good start at the beginning of season 2. Even the rest of his outfit is better. Ezra got a nice update as well, he looks definitely older and darker, he has shorter, a green lightsaber and a blaster! (Where he got that lightsaber is yet to be answered). My guess is the shorter hair for Ezra is because of the budget, if they spend less budget on animating his outfit and hair, they can spend budget on other things like planets. Sabine got new colors for her armor and her hair, Tiya wanted this hair for Sabine in season 2 and finally got it for season 3, it’s nice to see the actors are also involved on small level. This hair color is definitely my favorite and so her armor color, it makes her look older and even more cool! Zeb got a little update but nothing big really changes, same for Hera.

The trailer, let’s talk about that!

Everyone on the celebration stage was cheering when they saw Admiral Thrawn in this trailer! It was the first time, he was introduced in canon and I’m not a big Legends fan but I think he’s definitely going to be a great villain – a dark mastermind. We see new planets, one that seems to be an imperial base, an Imperial prison, we also see another Imperial station on a gas planet which has the Y-Wings, we finally get to see them, the old ships from the Republic that the Rebels want to steal and that we see them use in the Original Trilogy.
Wedge Antilles will be part of season 3 and it’s interesting to learn that he was originally an Imperial who defected to join the Rebellion! Another big surprise was battle droids, what are they doing here? We see Cham Syndulla and Numa again and from what Cham says, Ryloth is suffering a lot, so maybe this could lead to him joining the bigger Rebellion? We can see a ship looking like the Dash Rendar’s ship, Filoni confirmed it’s not him but just a ship from the same class. We can spot a Neimoidian shuttle (could this mean we’ll a Neimoidian on Rebels?) going to what looks like to be a destroyed planet and I think it could be Lola Sayu from The Clone Wars, I mean it does look like it so who knows. We see some badass-looking new Imperial droids, they reminded me of the Aqua Droids from TCW. Hondo Ohnaka is back again, the best pirate in the Galaxy with more fun! Azmorigan is also there. Tarkin is back too! We are introduced to Governor Price, a woman Imperial officer who looks as evil as Tarkin and Thrawn. When Thrawn is in his office looking at images we can spot the painting battle from Mandalore seen in TCW but more interestingly we can see a city from the window of Thrawn’s office, could it be Coruscant? We’re also going to Dathomir first seen in TCW! We see Mother Talzin in green spirit and for those who read Son of Dathomir, you know she was destroyed by Grievous but before she was, she took control of Dooku to fight and in the trailer we see Kanan with green smoke in his eyes the same way that happened to Dooku so it’s going to be very interesting to see what happens. Maul could try to bring his mother back because Talzin is his mother. The Bendu (spelling?), a new creature who is a force wielder was in this trailer, he pretends to be the one in the middle not dark not light, it’s always great to learn more about the Force mythology and we’re in for treat this season, first with this creature and then with Maul. We can see Maul and Ezra merging a Jedi and Sith Holocron and then it explodes in purple/pink white energy, that’s so exciting, what does it do? Could it unlock a higher power? You can spot furthermore for the first time in Rebels, the famous Rebel transport from the Original Trilogy. Sabine has the dark lightsaber, how did she get it? Because if you remember, in TCW, Maul was the last one seen with it! Near the end of the trailer, there’s a shot of Hera looking up and next to her, a blue hand, someone wearing white, so it’s an encounter with Thrawn, face to face.
So many things happened in this trailer, it was awesome!


A little bit about Grand Admiral Thrawn, he is voiced by Lars Mikkelsen who happens to be Mars Mikkelsen’s brother, it’s a family tradition to be in Star Wars now! There is also a novel called Star Wars Thrawn coming in April 2017 written by Timothy Zahn.

About the rest of the panel, there was some jokes with Warwick asking for a role in Rebels and trying to take Sam Witwer’s place as Maul and Sam doing Wicket impressions. Filoni mentioned interesting elements concerning Maul saying that he could be on the good side but even if he is, he will never totally be good. Like Witwer noticed Maul has had rises and falls – in TPM he has at his rise and fell, in TCW he came back and rose with his Shadow Collective until Sidious stopped him and in Rebels he’s been through a lot when we encounter him. There was a moment in the panel where they showed the different Darth Maul which was nice – TPM, TCW, Rebels. One last thing about the first part of the panel, Filoni talked about getting Rebels look closer to Rogue One and A New Hope which I think would soon happen, I think that can leave the possibility of some crossover on the show.

Now about the first two episodes of season 3 that they screened exclusively for us. I won’t say any spoilers but I will talk a little bit about it, what I thought about it. It was a fantastic start to the season, action-packed episodes. As you may have guessed, some time happened between the finale of season 2 and the premiere of season 3. The rebels are still on their new base. The two main storylines of this premiere are Ezra’s story and Kanan’s story. About Ezra, as you’ve seen in my reviews of season 2 and season 1, I don’t like him but for the first time here, I was really interested in his story, really, really and I’m looking forward to see what’s next for him. It took a dark path, in the beginning, there was a “shocking” scene, he does something that’s typical from the dark side, he’s really at the limit between these two sides this season so far and at one point, he will have to choose. In the clip you saw from the Star Wars show last week he KILLS stormtroopers and that’s not what they usually do, you can really see a change in him, the holocron has changed him! So about Kanan, he is not in a good place, being blind is not easy and that’s what these 2 episodes dealt with for him, I won’t say more but I will say his storyline includes the Bendu, that Force creature.
I really liked that Rex was there a lot more, a lot of action for, that’s what I wanted in season 2 and that I get in season 3! Another TCW character in this episode- Hondo for more fun and him helping the Rebels his own way.
The episodes include Tarkin, Governor Price and Grand Admiral Thrawn, that’s a big combo of bad guys, I really love their scenes.
We see the Y-Wings from the trailer, this episode is about stealing them and we encounter again Brom Titus as seen in the trailer.
The Y-Wings thing connects with A New Hope as we even get a mention from General Dodonna from ANH!
These two episodes were really great and set up intriguing plots for season 3. I won’t say more about it for now, I can’t wait for you to see it this Fall!

And one more thing is the poster of season 3 (you can click on the picture to see it full size):


For the first time, the Ghost crew are not all on it, only Chopper, Ezra and Sabine, I think it gives an idea of who’s going to be the main characters this season – Sabine and Ezra. For the villains Thrawn and Maul.

That’s all about the Rebels panel, enjoy!


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