Star Wars Celebration: Rogue One’s Year


You can see all the pictures of the costumes, props and panel on our facebook page here.

Now that I’m back from Star Wars Celebration, I can finally start writing about it and I’ll start with Rogue One. This year really was Rogue One’s year, on Friday we got such a huge panel about the movie and for the three days we could go see the props and costumes. I’ll start with the panel and then I’ll talk about the costumes.

Thursday night was the start of an amazing journey, a lot of people queued overnight to get a wristband for this Rogue One panel, there was a friendly atmosphere over there, from 8PM to 6PM we waited to get these wristbands. A lot of waiting but a lot of fun. Last year, people got pizza from JJ Abrams, this time we got pizza in the name of Kathleen Kennedy and we got pizza twice! The second time it was Daniel Logan (Boba Fett in The Clone Wars and Attack of the Clones) who brought the pizza, that was just awesome! This queuing for the wristband but also the queuing to get into the celebration stage for this panel and all the other panels allowed me to meet awesome people, that’s what Celebration is about as well – bringing fans together. I was able to meet the amazing team of Clone Corridor – Juli Witte, Leonie Witte and Frank Witte. I also met Stewart Gardiner, Andy Peachey and Sam.

Hebergeur d'image

So about this panel, we got a huge surprise with the presence of the main cast, seeing all these chairs on the stage got me thinking there would be a lot more guests than it was announced and there was, we got – Kathleen Kennedy, Gareth Edwards, Kiri Hart, John Knoll Felicity Jones, Forest Whitaker, Ben Mendelsohn, Diego Luna, Riz Ahmed, Alan Tudyk, Donnie Yen, Mads Mikkelsen, Wen Jiang plus a very special guest who hosted the panel – Gwendoline Christie who played Captain Phasma in The Force Awakens. Gwendoline opened the panel by asking everyone to take a moment to send our heartfelt thoughts and prays to the people in Nice, France after the attack that had happened just the day before and then fans broke out in the French national anthem ‘La Marseillaise,’ it was the emotional moment of the panel. Gwendoline then brought Gareth, Kathleen, John and Kiri to talk about Rogue One. It was interesting to discover that Knoll had this idea for this movie while working on Revenge of the Sith and I’m really glad it happened. Gareth talked about how it was to work on a Star Wars movie as a fan, he revealed the all new poster for the movie and everyone in the room got one poster which was so generous of him. The cast arrived with a thunder of applause, Mendelsohn definitely stole the show with the best entrance ever – he arrived disguised as the character he plays Director Orson Krennic with two Death Troopers, this was perfection, it just got everyone in the mood. We got a sizzle reel, here it is:

Actually, for us, the sizzle was cut in the middle but Ben Mendelsohn came back dressed normally and launched it again. Each cast member got to talk a little bit about their characters. What was surprising was that we got Mads Mikkelsen at the panel and a first image of his character Galen Erso (Jyn’s father), they kept his role so secret but we got a few details not much, Galen is a scientist and seems to regret what he has discovered. I think it’s pretty obvious it has to do with the Death Star what exactly is unclear but it could see it being something related to making the laser of the Death Star operational to destroy the planets. Alan Tudyk talked about his character a droid who was entirely CG unlike C-3PO, and it was fun that he joked about and talked about that he met Anthony Daniels. There was definitely a different approach at talking about the movie than during The Force Awakens, I think Lucasfilm heard the fans and changed the course of how promoting their movie to them, there wasn’t any shade throwing here, it was really about making this movie and not pretending to return to a practical effect trend or whatever. When it came to Wen Jiang to speak, he revealed a huge spoiler and Tudyk’s reaction was just the best, you just had to look at his face and you could laugh in silence. But we can’t blame Wen, he doesn’t speak English very much, he didn’t realize that he said one of the characters died, we forgive him! And is it really that big of a spoiler? Because with a movie like Rogue One we expect characters to die, it’s a war movie, it has the feels, what we got from it so far reminded me a lot of Saving Private Ryan by Steven Spielberg. We learned that the characters played by Donnie Yen and Wen are good friends. Chirrut is blind and he believes in the Force in an era where there’s no Jedi while with Base it’s different. I think these two are going to be some badass characters!
Gwendoline Christie mentioned The Clone Wars obviously as Forest Whitaker’s character comes from this amazing series – Saw Gerrera. Having characters crossing the different mediums is really great as it connects even more the different stories. It was awesome to see all the love George Lucas got throughout this panel, for Saw, for The Clone Wars … and the most surprising thing was that he did visit the set of Rogue One.
Felicity Jones was welcomed to the club of actors who got their Star Wars figure, Gwendoline Christie revealed for the first time the 6 inch figure of Jyn Erso, it was good! We also learned the name of two planets Scarif and Jedha.
As you may have seen in the pictures of Riz Ahmed’s character, he wears an Empire ensign on his suit, Riz explained that his character Bodhi Rook was formerly working for the Empire and he joked that when someone work for his employer he doesn’t necessarily agree with every decision mentioning Kathleen Kennedy and Disney.
At the end of the panel, Gwendoline took a selfie with the entire cast who were there and Kathleen showed again to the audience the sizzle reel plus an exclusive trailer, a special gift who had queued overnight to see this panel. I can’t tell you what is in the trailer, but I can say there was new footage in it, obviously and that it was everything I wanted it to be, it’s going to be very different and yet it still feels Star Wars and that’s what the anthology movies should be – it’s the opportunity to make different things. I really this war movie atmosphere. The trailer was definitely awesome, yes!

A little reminder of who plays who in Rogue One in case you forgot:
Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso
Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera
Ben Mendelsohn as Director Orson Krennic
Riz Ahmed as Bodhi Rook
Mads Mikkelsen as Galen Erso
Donnie Yen as Chirrut Imwe
Diego Luna as Captain Cassian Andor
Alan Tudyk as K-2SO
Wen Jiang as Base Malbus

And the poster, here it is, beautiful, isn’t it:

Hebergeur d'image

So now about these costumes and props. There were four miniatures one of the Death Star, one of the a new Tie Striker, the new walker and for the first time we saw Krennic’s personal shuttle which reminded me in the design of the toy shuttle that Luke plays with in A New Hope. There were the costumes of the stormtroopers, shore troopers, death troopers – the shore troopers really have an awesome armor, the name may be a little bit weird because if it’s not a shore the troopers can’t go there? There were 3 different shore troopers, all the same armor but in terms of colors it was slightly different on each one, my guess is one was just a trooper while the two others were probably officers maybe a captain and a commander? The Death Troopers armor is also awesome, it’s nice to get introduced to new troopers. There were also the costumes of Director Krennic and the rebels team except Saw Gerrera.

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