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Hebergeur d'image

And our second review of the day is the First Order Stormtrooper from the Black Series line, he is super-articulated (14POA). There are a little bit more of details on the paints than the one from the basic line, you can see it in the comparison shots – the hands, the chest, the back. The helmet is a little bit bigger, the figure itself is a little bit taller which is fine since they’re not clones so they don’t have to be all from of the same size. His upper chest tends to be a little bit twisted but that’s the articulation. In terms of accessories, he has his pistol blaster and his blaster unlike the one from the basic line who only has the blaster. Both weapons can be attached to his leg. What I was disappointed is they could have given him a few more accessories like a colored pauldron or the heavy armor vest, you can still take these accessories from the basic line ones and put them on him, it works but my point is that the Black Series line is supposed to be the collector’s line so they should put more stuff in it. Apart from that, it’s great to have a super-articulated Stormtrooper, especially for the characters who are troopers because it’s better if you can put them in a battle position rather than in a 5POA position. So this one is definitely worth it, however be careful about the paint apps. Mine is perfect but when I bought it, I saw other Stormtroopers that had bad paint apps, when you choose, really look at the details.

Hebergeur d'image

Comparison shot between the Black Series Stormtrooper (SA) and the Basic Line Stormtrooper (5POA):
Hebergeur d'image


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