[Hasbro] Review: Black Series Han Solo

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Hebergeur d'image

We have two new reviews for you today, the first one is Han Solo from the Black Series. Like the Han Solo from the basic line, he has his hair brown instead of gray like it should be. So I decided to paint his hair accurately like I did for the other figure, you can see the tutorial here, it’s exactly the same thing I did. I’m going to review this figure with the right hair because it’s better to look at when it’s accurate. Apart from this problem, this is a fantastic figure, it’s super-articulated (13POA!!), it has great paint app on the outfit, there’s a lot of detail on it as well. Visually, his blue jacket really has the aspect of a snow jacket. About the face, I have to say I prefer the one from the basic line, there’s something missing here about the likeness of Harrison, however it’s nice they thought about the scar on his chin, it’s not easy to see but it’s there. The blaster is also really well done and it fits in the holster.
The choice of releasing Han Solo in this outfit for the Black Series line is an odd choice because you see him in this outfit for maybe like 5 minutes while he has his other outfit for the rest of the movie. It’s the super articulated line, they don’t release a lot of figure in this line so they need to be careful on the choice of characters, his normal outfit would have been a better choice. This snow outfit in the basic line would have been nice and it will probably be released there too soon or later. I’m happy we got Han Solo in this outfit but maybe like I said it wasn’t for the right line.
So in the end, it’s a great figure but Hasbro has to deal with this problem of an aged Han Solo, he is old in The Force Awakens, he has gray hair so should his figures!

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image


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