Jedi Temple Archives posted a report of what products we will get for Force Friday on September 30th, this is a rumor and not yet confirmed but it is most likely true.

There won’t be any super-articulated 3.75 figures as it is the Walmart’s exclusive line.

There will be only 1 wave of 5POA 3.75 figures:
Jyn Erso (I)
Kanan (Stormtrooper)
Imperial Grand Crer (I think this is a misspelling)
Imperial Stormtrooper
Sabine Wren
Kylo Ren
This is really disappointing for a launch that is supposed to be for Rogue One products and there is actually only 2 (or 3 depending on what this Imperial Grand Crer is) figures in the main line that are Rogue One figures.

The second wave of 5POA 3.75 figures will be released in November:
Chirrut Imure
Princess Leia (Rebels)
Jyn Erso (II)
Director Krennic
Captain Cassian Andor
Darth Vader

There is also a wave of Class I vehicles:
Assault Walker (probably Rogue One, hopefully)
Ezra Bridger’s Speeder (rebels)
AT-DP Pilot with Speeder (rebels)
Ezra’s speeder was released back in March so repacking it again is a lame decision, it’s a product launch, they need new things!

The Class II vehicles for Force Friday are even more disappointing:
FO Snowspeeder (repack)
A-wing with Hera
Y-wing Scout Bomber with Kanan (repack)
And another vehicle

Death Trooper/Rebel Commando Tao
Scarif Stormtrooper/Moroff
Officer Blue Squad Leader/HB Officer (Episode VII)
I think the pack from TFA is probably the Poe Dameron with the Snowtrooper but I’m not sure because the title is weird. And the two packs for Rogue One are bad choices, Death Troopers should have been in the basic line, people will want to army build them and putting a named character with him in a pack is not helping at all! Same for that scarif stormtrooper which I think could probably be the shoretrooper!

So if this report is true, this would be Force Friday this year is a real disappointment on Hasbro side.


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