Rogue One has been the target of click bait sites for several months now. It all started when Page Six claimed that Disney executives were unhappy with the first cut of the movie and ordered reshoots. From then, all the click bait sites started reporting that “news,” each time claiming more and more that the movie was a disaster and everyone was in panic. The thing is when all these people wrote their articles, none of them actually thought for a minute because obviously click bait sites have an agenda and what they want is to get the most clicks no matter if what they say is true or false or interesting or totally biased. Every big movies made by big studios plan to do reshoots in their schedule and they all do reshoots, it’s either to do add things, change others but there are reshoots, if you look at the previous Star Wars movies, they got reshoots. It’s not because their first cut was bad but it was to change and add things. Then, Mads Mikkelsen talked about these reshoots not long after but it didn’t change anything to the situation in the press as click bait sites just continued their attacks and claims against Rogue One, this time claiming that Tony Gilroy was taking the lead in post-production. Tony Gilroy is credited as a writer in the trailer but there are no actual proves that he has taken more duties in post-production.

The question now is will this affect the reviews of Rogue One in December when the movie will be released? We’ll have to wait and see but it actually could, usually when a movie is attacked like that by click bait sites, it doesn’t get good reviews because right from the start, they have an agenda against that movie and it seems to be the case for Rogue One. The only site that has been defending it has been Entertainment Weekly while all the others have been attacking it. That’s really the problem today with many tent-pole movies that are constantly attacked by click bait sites often reporting rumors without any actual proves but pretending they are facts and that turn out to be entirely false. We can see how these sites have been attacking Suicide Squad and now attack Wonder Woman that will be released next year and they have been following the same pattern for Rogue One. It won’t stop the movie from doing great at box office, there is no doubts about that, it’s just that it’s annoying to see these sites reporting things that shouldn’t be reported and reading between the lines where there is nothing to read.


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