[Review] Poe Dameron #6

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The sixth issue of Poe Dameron ongoing series concludes another chapter of his adventure, he is able to get Grakkus out of prison and get the data about Lor San Tekka. This issue features even more of droids awesomeness, with BB-8 and his friend in the space station helping Poe and his team who are on the ground, you can clearly see the inspiration from the droids episodes from The Clone Wars. More of this in upcoming issues would be great! Agent Terex is failing again and yet the question rises of whether there’s a mole within Poe’s squadron. It’s possible but also there’s the possibility his X-Wing has been bugged hence why Terex would know? Right now, I’m not sure, mostly because I don’t see who would be the mole … We get to see Leia again at the end and Captain Phasma in hologram. The more we see Terex, the more I think he’s not that much of a manipulator/calculator but more reckless and someone who doesn’t care about anything as long as he succeeds. We can see that he doesn’t like that Poe is succeeding and that affects him, he’s determine to kill him now, maybe forgetting what his mission really is.
There’s one thing that was a bit exaggerated – the Carrion Spike passing through the station without having any scratches but while being attacked by X-Wings, it’s suffering damage. That’s a bit of a discrepancy and not much believable.

7/10 A lot of fun for another adventure with Poe and BB-8


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