Force Friday: France Didn’t Go Rogue

Force Friday was the big event of the year for Star Wars Collectors, it was the launch of the Rogue One toys, many stores opened at midnight for collectors to grab the first toys in the United States and United Kingdom. However, one country was left disappointed by the event – France didn’t go Rogue like if the stores had totally forgotten it was the launch of a new toy line. Many stores had absolutely no idea there was a new line coming, others were pretending the next Star Wars movie would be released in 2018 so no new toys until then, let’s just say it was a total disaster. The only stores that had Rogue One products were SOME Disney Stores with elite series, mugs, POPs, Hasbro U-Wing and Tie Striker and t-shirts for kids (that was the best case scenario because some Disney Stores had either nothing or half of that). You can read on Toyz Mag a few reports of that terrible day for Star Wars French fans.
The question now is when France will get Rogue One toys? Toyz Mag might have some answers with a rumor that toys would be released today, though this is yet to be seen as a lot of stores have absolutely no new toys in their storehouse so they can’t put on shelves what they don’t have.
Interestingly, last week one or two stores in France had had the Rogue One toys in advance but then they pulled everything out and no news as to when they’ll put them on shelves again …
It’s really a shame that French fans are treated like that, Disney should really look into this problem and make sure it never happens again.


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