The Holocrons of Fate featured the return of Maul on Star Wars Rebels and as always it meant troubles for our heroes. This time Maul attacked a Rebel transport and captured the Ghost crew, leaving Ezra and Kanan alone to get back the Sith Holocron that he’s asking.

This episode also features the Bendu. In the first double episode of the season, it seemed the Bendu was interested by the Holocron and had plans for it but now it seemed he didn’t care that much about it, only warning the two heroes of the dangers of discovering a secret by merging the Sith and Jedi Holocrons. He claimed he’s seen this happened before. In this episode, he sent Kanan and Ezra in a cave to get the Holocron and work on their master-apprentice problems, “restoring their balance.” Yes, the two worked together but it didn’t feel like their problems were resolved just looking at what came later in the episode. So the cave scene was probably not needed. Even the Bendu felt useless in this episode, in the first episode he helped Kanan to see through the Force while being blind and he acted as a guide and a mysterious third party Force user but in this second episode, the Bendu had no purpose, behind its wise words it was an empty character.

Well, now about the best part of the episode – Maul. He was just as usual frightening and evil with a masterful performance by Sam Witwer! Maul in his usual self showed no mercy to his prisoners, ordering their execution once he had Ezra with him, though Kanan saved the day for his friends of the Ghost. Maul reminded our heroes that they’re not invincible and they’re no match against him, at one point Hera, Sabine, Zeb and Chopper managed to neutralize the droids but against Maul they didn’t even last a minute. We saw an all-powerful Maul, a real threat for our heroes in this episode. That scene where he entered in the mind of Hera with the Force was really frightening, we saw the fear in Hera and we saw that Maul used this fear to get what he wanted. Him and Thrawn are going to be a lot of troubles for our heroes, I’m hoping not every would survive this season, not with these two villains fighting them. Interestingly, he still considered Ezra as his apprentice, the question is now, will Ezra really become Maul’s apprentice? Well, maybe, maybe not but the episode didn’t really show a Ezra hating Maul, they opened the Holocrons and Ezra didn’t try to stop him, on the contrary. About these Holocrons, they gave Ezra a vision of planets he knew and other planets he didn’t, it definitely opened the doors for what’s to come in the Maul’s arc. The interesting thing was the two Suns information, it could mean a lot of things but if you watched the trailers, you probably saw that we’ll return on Dathomir this season so the two Suns probably echoed to that. Maul also got something – “He lives.” Maul didn’t seem that happy about it, the He probably means Obi-Wan Kenobi, after all Maul lives for his revenge on Obi-Wan and this could actually confirm some rumors of the potential appearance of Obi-Wan in Rebels. Another detail to notice was Maul saying he needed that vision of the Holocrons for Hope, this hope, I would suggest that he was looking for a way to bring back Mother Talzin to life, judging by the trailers, it seems so. Ezra continued his dark path, he kept watching this visions because he though it would help him destroy the Sith but his obstinacy could actually lead him to the Dark side instead of destroying it. On the other hand, we saw Kanan who became more powerful by being blind, he was able to see through the Force. The scene where the light of the Holocrons showed him where Ezra was showed us this but also when Kanan saved Hera from execution. There’s a good contrast between him he goes toward the Light while his apprentice goes down to the Darkness. What Kanan didn’t see was Maul tried to kill him again though. The part where Kanan returned in the hidden space station was absolutely awful, he should have been dead by the time he reached back the hangar but well, let’s forget about that, Maul was the best part of this episode!

This episode featured elements from The Clone Wars, if you paid attention Maul’s droids came from Mandalore, we saw them during season 5. Maul’s secret space station was also an element from TCW, it came from the canon comics Son of Dathomir (based on unaired episodes of the series), it was a place Maul knew – a secret Mandalorian base. And Maul’s ship was his ship from this comics.

7/10 This episode wasn’t the best, some unnecessary scenes and dialogues. However this episode was good nevertheless. When Maul is here, it can only be great, his scene were amazing, always frightening. When Maul is here, he keeps you on the edge of your seat!


One thought on “[Review] Star Wars Rebels: The Holocrons Of Fate

  1. Two suns referring to Dathomir? Possible I guess, but I think it just refers to the most famous twin-sunned planet, Tatooine. How else would Maul find out where Obi-Wan is?


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