This week’s episode of Star Wars Rebels featured the first appearance of Wedge Antilles in the series! With that, we learned more about the character – he used to be in the Imperial Academy training as a Tie pilot which was a good surprise. The episode was about Sabine getting Wedge and his friend out of the Academy to join the Rebellion. It was obviously good to see Wedge in Rebels and to know more about it him and how he was before joining the Rebellion. The series has done a nice work with Lando Calrissian before and it seems it’s taking the same road with Wedge, making good connections with the Original Trilogy.

The episode also featured for the first time in the series the Tie Interceptors, Tie Bombers and the basic Rebel Transports seen in the OT. Introducing more vehicles from the OT and leaving behind little by little the Ralph McQuarrie designs is an improvement in the series and also a sign we’re getting closer from A New Hope, possibly meaning the series is coming to an end soon, Dave Filoni stated that Rebels won’t be as long as TCW so I’d probably say next season will be the last.

The Academy of Tie pilots was a station on a gas planet (or it seemed so), I really liked it’s design, it had the right Imperial vibe. Speaking of Imperials, Governor Pryce proved herself to be a great adversary for our heroes even though Sabine defeated her, it was not without a fight. However, the disappointment came from Agent Kallus helping the cadets to escape, putting that on the fact that now he would be even with Zeb, even though I’m not quite sure. Hearing the voice of the new Fulcrum made him think, Kallus is the new Fulcrum. And if it’s actually that I would be disappointed of the road it’s taking. Kallus appeared as a fearful villain in season 1 and it would be destroying his character than to make him a good guy now.

The episode was good, it opened in an explosive way with a squadron of Tie Interceptors destroying a squadron of A-Wings and an unarmed Rebel transports – that was the Empire, ruthless how it should be. And the cadets were trained to be ruthless as well, ordered to destroyed unarmed transports. The series showed us how the Empire was with this episode and I hope it would continue on that path. I really liked that it featured Imperials wanting to defect, it showed that not every recruits agreed with what the Empire was doing.

6.5/10 A good episode connecting nicely with the Original Trilogy.


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