[Review] Star Wars Rebels: Hera’s Heroes

Hera’s Heroes brought us back on Ryloth, the last time we’ve been on this planet was during The Clone Wars. With Rebels, we didn’t see as much of the planet as we saw in TCW, nor as much detailed but it was good to see this planet again. However, we don’t see much of how the planet is suffering from the Empire’s presence – we only see two places Cham’s house that has been taken by the Empire and some canyons. We see no population, the only resistance on the planet is Cham, Numa and Gobi. I don’t know how the three of them can survive on this planet without getting killed and without support from other Twi’lek. That part was disappointing, we went back on Ryloth and the planet was under-used, they could have showed us so much more but they didn’t.

At least, we learned more about Chopper, he used to be a droid serving the Republic and his Y-Wing crashed in front of Cham’s house, that’s how Hera got him. Republic Y-Wing that was used during the clone wars but that looked liked A New Hope Y-Wing, little visual problem … The episode gave us more background story for Hera, learning more about the Twi’lek culture was probably the best part of the episode.

Grand Admiral Thrawn was in the episode, still enigmatic, manipulator, calculating how he will beat the rebels. So far that’s all he had been doing, so we can expect some big attack from him in the near future, with hopefully casualties, they are teasing us with a big villain, he needs to remain that big villain until the end. Thrawn showed a different side as well in this episode, he showed that he could get angry quite easily, giving us maybe a clue on how the rebels will be able to defeat him?

It was the first time we saw the Biker Scouts in Star Wars Rebels, they were well done. The production crew expanded the Empire more with a new face for Imperial officers which was needed, it was getting boring to have always the same face for the Imperial officers.

The episode is paced with action-packed scenes and more slower scenes giving the time to learn more about the Twi’leks. Cham showed us again how a good warrior he was and after all these years he still had his faithful blurrg! It’s always amazing to see how Numa has evolved from The Clone Wars being a little girl who was lost to Rebels where she is fighting against the Empire, plus Catherine Taber does a great work at voicing her! We definitely more episodes with these characters!

6.5/10 It was a good episode but it could have been so much better. There was a lot of potential with what could be done with this episode but the team didn’t develop it well enough unfortunately.


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