I don’t follow baseball news so I had no idea about what as going on until I saw The Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society reporting about it.

During an interview with Joe Posnanski, Trevor Bauer, a professional baseball player for the Cleveland Indians, revealed that he was a Star Wars fan. He said that he doesn’t have a least favorite SW movie and that for him they’re all 1A, 1B (meaning in terms of grade it’s between 9.5/10 and 10/10). And during this interview, he said his favorite SW movie is The Phantom Menace.

For saying TPM was his favorite SW movie, Bauer was mocked by sports journalist, starting with Posnanski who posted this tweet:

It then followed with other sports media outlets reporting the news and bullying Bauer for his opinion. That’s exactly how the media are today, they have helped building that hate trend in the pop culture and everyone who doesn’t fit in their correct and only possible opinion is considered a non-fan, a moron and a list of countless insults. There was absolutely no need to make the headlines of articles with that but that’s what it is today, it’s just calling for hate.
However the thing is, Everyone has an opinion and even if people disagree with it, they should at least respect it. The media are not aware of that but people, normal, descent people should be.

Bryan Young who writes columns on the official Star Wars website came to the defense of Bauer on twitter:

I took a moment to write about it because I’m a proud Prequel lover and my website is also in defense of the Prequels so it was worthy to mention this. Hopefully Bauer will ignore these trolls, it’s better to do so, they are not worth it.


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