[Review] Star Wars Rebels: The Last Battle

You can already watch ‘The Last Battle’ on the Disney WATCH app or watch it tonight on Disney X.D.

This episode was written by clone wars veteran Brent Friedman and directed by another clone wars veteran – Bosco Ng. It was full of feels from The Clone Wars and this was absolutely fantastic! It was an action-packed episode sending us right into the battle. We got battle droids, droidekas, Neimoidian shuttles, a Super Tactical Droid, a Separatist Supply Ship, Rex and some themes from The Clone Wars. This episode was the best tribute they could do to this Emmy-award winning series. At the end when the Star Wars Rebels logo appeared it was colored like the TCW one with the music intro from the TCW episodes!

The episode is titled ‘The Last Battle’ for a very good reason, in a way this episode featured the last battle from the clone wars. The episode opened with Rex, Zeb, Kanan, Chopper and Ezra going on Agamar (new planet on Rebels, always great to see something else than Lothal!) to pick up some proton bombs from an old Separatist ship except that this ship still had functional battle droids that hadn’t been deactivated and their leader, a Super Tactical Droid wanted to finish his clone wars and do one last battle to see which side was the strongest. Leaving the rebels no choice but to accept the Droid’s challenge. Rex, Kanan and Ezra had to fight their way to the Super Tactical Droid to rescue Rex. Let’s just say all this action sequence was amazing! It was like being in TCW again, a truly action-packed episode! After all these years, Rex is still Rex, he was badass as always, a great leader! We even got a mention of CODY!

Ezra made both Rex and the Super Tactical Droid realize that none of them had won the clone wars when it ended, the Empire did (or to be more precise Palpatine but they don’t know anything about all his demoniac schemes and how he orchestrated it all), they weren’t meant for this war and he made them end it. Two enemies becoming allies to fight the real enemy – the Empire. The second part of the episode was Droids and these rebels fighting the Empire and trying to escape from the planet. They managed to do so and the Ghost crew has a new Phantom – a Neimoidian shuttle!

Brent Friedman who worked on TCW knew the series perfectly and so it was the perfect choice to use a TCW writer for this episode because the dialogues, humor coming from the idiot battle droids, the battle, everything was just like in TCW. He also wrote well the rebel characters ad I’m looking forward to see more of his Rebels episodes! He did an amazing job with this one, thank you!

10/10 Surely one of Rebels’s best episode, a fantastic tribute to the best Star Wars show of all time – Star Wars The Clone Wars!

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