If you want to see the pictures of the review in Full size, you can see them on our facebook page in the album dedicated to Rogue One reviews here. There are also a additional pictures of this review.

It’s time for us to start reviewing the Rogue One toy line and what better start than reviewing the first Jyn Erso figure? This figure of Jyn is in her Eadu costume (Eadu is the rocky and rainy planet we saw in the trailers). Visually it really feels like a military outfit for places where it rains a lot. Her windbreaker is quite detailed with things that looked like munitions and other things that I’m not sure what they are. She also has a breathing mask (could this mean the air on Eadu is somehow toxic?), the thing is the “bottle of air” from the mask is attached to her windbreaker which doesn’t allow her left arm to move much, unlike her right arm that has better mobility. Obviously, these figures can’t move as much as a SA figure as they are 5POA figure. However, this Jyn has two additional points of articulation on each hand. The legs can’t move much too because of the windbreaker so she’s quite limited. There’s no removable helmet which was a bit disappointing. This figure is delivered with two accessories, her blaster that fits in the holster and no more Build-A-Weapon but now it’s a big ugly weapon that’s not in the movie so it’s basically the same useless accessory. Instead they could have given her an imperial blaster or some other movie accessory. Jyn Erso (Eadu) is a greatly detailed figure with accurate size and outfit, it’s definitely a good figure.


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