France is Finally Receiving Rogue One Toys

After some weeks of waiting, France is finally getting the Rogue One toys! Interestingly in the two stores I went they both had Hera w/ her A-Wing (four of them each store) but not the repacks of this wave, they had just received a case of A-Wings. Which is interesting as the US is getting one A-Wing per case and in it all the repacks of Class II vehicles, these repacks are TFA vehicles that were still sitting on shelves a year later in a lot of stores … So if it’s like that everywhere in France, they have done a good choice distributing only the new vehicle and not the repacks. The stores ads for Christmas only advertise Hera’s A-Wing in the Class II vehicles which seems to indicate what I was saying.
Another interesting thing is these ads for Christmas don’t advertise Rogue One basic figures nor the 2-pack figures, just the vehicles and the 30cm figures … I don’t really know why. However, I have found the basic figures in the two stores I went. Géant Casino had them for 9,90€ while Carrefour had them for 10,90€. And both still had TFA figures that were at 13€ and 12€ depending on the wave. We can see a clear drop in the price which is great for us! For the 2-packs no sign of them where I was.
The vehicles are not necessarily cheap, Hera’s A-Wing is 39,99€ in both stores I went and the U-Wing is at 64.99€.

Here’s some pictures of the ads from Carrefour and Jouéclub for Christmas, there’s also a new picture of Saw Gerrera!

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