[Review] Star Wars Rebels: Imperial Supercommandos

‘Imperial Supercommandos’ brought us back on Concord Dawn for some Mandalorian action. This time, Sabine didn’t have to fight the Protectors but Imperial Supercommandos, Mandlorians working for the Empire and Gar Saxon was leading them. Saxon first appeared on Star Wars The Clone Wars in the comics Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir. The Mandalorian supercommandos were also first introduced in TCW, they were the Mandalorians fighting for Darth Maul and it’s no surprise that Gar Saxon is now leading them. This episode thus gave us some more information about the situation on Mandalore with Saxon being now the Viceroy.

In the eternal use of McQuarrie concept arts, the Imperial Supercommandos were wearing an armor similar to McQuarrie’s Boba armor, it was disappointing not seeing their Mandalorian armor again but that armor fit well. Saxon was still the color red just like when he was serving Maul. Interestingly, the jetpacks they used were clone jetpacks as Commander Cody used.

The episode contained some good action-packed scenes especially the pursuit scene with Sabine and Ezra (with Chopper) trying to escape. Sabine fighting Saxon was probably the best moment of the episode! Speaking of Sabine, she finally got a jetpack but Saxon shot it so she will have to fix it for the next episode hopefully! Saxon mentioned that her mother is with the Empire without mentioning her name but I think we can expect another episode continuing this storyline later this season. All of this action, fighting the Imperial Mandalorians ended up convincing Fenn Rau to fully join the Rebellion.

The Phantom II/III made its first flight, it’s not just a repaint of the Neimoidian shuttle, they got in the previous episode but they changed many things on the ship, it had a nice look!

Rebels reminded us again that their budget is so small, they have to reuse always the same environment and this season they’re using again and again the canyons and it’s annoying, you clearly see it’s the same canyon put in a different light and with one or two differences. The series is too limited, they clearly need a bigger budget!

5/10 Despite great action sequences and some new information, the episode was the weakest of the season. It needs more than that to do a great episode.


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