After a week without new episodes, Star Wars Rebels is back. The episode will air tonight on Disney X.D. in the US, it aired this morning in the UK or you can watch it now on the Disney WATCH app.

This episode was written by clone wars veteran Matt Michnovetz. It introduces us to a new squadron of rebels – the Iron Squadron lead by Commander Sato’s nephew, Mart Mattin, a kid. In this crew, there’s also Gooti Terez (an alien who seems to be a new species or a variant of a Zabrak), Jonner Jin and their droid. The droid has the same body as Chopper but with a different head and different colors. As you may have noticed the names Mart Mattin and Gooti Terez, they were named after Matt Martin, member of the Lucasfilm Story Group and Andi Gutierrez, who is the host of the Star Wars Show and Rebels Recon. It’s nice to see characters named after them! And their ship was also a nod to the Expanded Universe as it was the same kind of freighter as Dash Rendar’s ship. This new team is great!

The Iron Squadron worked with Ezra, Sabine and Chopper for this episode. Chopper was his usual self grumpy and even got into a little fight with the droid of the Iron Squadron … obviously that’s our Chopper! Mart was actually similar to Ezra in many ways and so it was interesting to see them working together. Because both are stubborn and rush into the problems without thinking, they’re childish. However, despite just enjoying destroying Imperial ships one after the other, Mart during this episode evolved and in the end was ready to sacrifice himself for his crew even if he eventually survived, he was ready for sacrifice. And that’s what makes a competent leader. In this episode, Ezra actually showed himself responsible and didn’t run into uncalculated risks.

This episode featured two scenes with Rex, I’m always happy to see him, he needs more screen time! It also featured Grand Admiral Thrawn and Admiral Constantine. How did Constantine become admiral? It’s still a mystery to me, he is extremely incompetent, did he really succeed once in the series? No and I think Thrawn is despising him. Thrawn talked to Sato and well to me their conversation foreshadowed a confrontation later during the season when he will finally enact his plan.

This season again Hera Syndulla seems to be really in the background and that’s disappointing because she’s such a strong female character that she should get more in the spotlight than just having one or two centric episode per season. She’s the leader of the Ghost crew! But I’m definitely glad we’re getting more of Sabine this season. Last season was mostly Ezra and Kanan always working together in every episode and now we’re getting more of Sabine which is a real good change.

7/10 A good episode introducing us a great new team of characters that I hope we’ll see again in future episodes!


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