It’s time for more Rogue One news! Entertainment Weekly as part of their new issue revealed new pictures and also revealed the names of characters we had seen in trailers but didn’t know who they were.

First we have 3 new senators, just right there with the word senators, it hits the Prequels feels and like I said before Rogue One seems to have a lot of feels from the PT which is amazing! We have Senator Jebel (played by Jonathan Aris) in red and grey, Senator Vaspar (played by Fares Fares) in blue, and Senator Pamlo (played by Sharon Duncan-Brewster,) in gold. We had seen them in the trailers and even heard Pamlo talk.

This is an entirely new image we hadn’t seen before. We encounter a new character named Tivik (played by Daniel Mays), he is one of Cassian Andor’s connections to the insurgent group led by Saw Gerrera on the moon of Jedha.

Then a new photo of Darth Vader!

A new picture of the Deathtroopers from the flashback scene when they come to capture Galen Erso. The planet is named Lah’mu.

We know more about this Imperial space station on Scarif, it’s called the Shield Gate protecting the entire planet. Scarif contains Empire’s key military-industrial complexes which is why the security is so high there.

Then we have a new photo of Jyn, Chirrût and Base after the encounter on Eadu.

We get new details concerning the inspiration of the U-Wing and it draws from both the Prequels and the Originals. “The U-wing is a new Rebel starship in the galaxy, but it’s made up of pieces of familiar ones. The cockpit is similar to one from the Y-wing bombers, the engines are straight off of an X-wing, and the front-facing pronged wings are reminiscent of the Jedi Interceptor from the Star Wars prequels. ”

Here’s a new photo of the rebel listening to Jyn’s speech.

We have new details concerning Bodhi Rook. “a pilot from the Force-sacred world of Jedha who was conscripted into service by the Imperials before stealing away to join the Rebellion. He’s a character with a lot of anxiety and guilt, and deep agitation.”

Another photo of Chirrût during his super action scene on Jedha. A reminder that he is not a Jedi nor a Force-sensitive but someone who believes in the faith the Jedi followed. John Knoll (executive producer of the movie and the one who came up with the idea of this story) says “Something that’s a very obvious departure on this picture is that we really have no Jedi.”


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